Rat glue 135g

Telecharger fiche technique


Product Name: Rat Glue Traps

Trade Name: Rat Glue

Supplier: SX Environmental


Component CAS No. % (w/w) EINECS No. EU – Classification
Butyl rubber* 68441-14-5 2-10 Exempt ?
Polyisobutylene* 9003-27-4 10-20 Exempt ?
White mineral oils 8042-47-5 30-50 232-455-8 ?
Polyethylene* 9002-88-4 1-5 Exempt ?
Oil resin* 69430-35-9 15-25 Exempt ?



This product is considered an “article”, and not classified as dangerous according to Directive 1999/45/EC as amended and adapted.
Exempt polymers whose monomers are listed on EINECS.

Physical/Chemical Hazards: Chemical components in the product have incorporated into  the  structure of the products, and exposure to the components is not anticipated under normal conditions of use.

Human health hazards: Exposure to chemical components is not anticipated in normal use.

Direct contact may cause irritation to the eyes.          Under normal condition of use, the product is incapable of releasing constituents.

There are no known acute, immediate effects requiring treatment as a result of the use of t his product as supplied.
Environmental Hazards: Unlikely to be harmful to aquatic organisms

Flammable Properties:
Flash point                                            >180 °C (White mineral oils) Auto ignition temperature:                          NA
Note to Physician: No specific antidote. Supportive care. Treatment based on judgment of the physician in response to reactions of the patient.

Flammability Limits:          LFL Not applicable:                           NA

UFL Not applicable:                           NA

Hazardous Combustion Products: Under fire conditions, the product decomposes; produced smoke may contain polymer fragments of varying compositions in addition to unidentified toxic and/or irritating


compounds. Hazardous combustion products may include and are not limited to carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and other small molecular weight hydrocarbons.

Extinguishing Media: Water fog, carbon dioxide, or dry chemical.

Fire Fighting Instructions: Keep people away. Isolate fire area and deny unnecessary entry. Molten plastics, dust can cause explosion hazards. Do not use direct water stream, which may spread fire. Fight fire from protected location or safe distance.

Protective Equipments for Fire Fighting: Firefighters should be equipped with positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and full protective equipment.

No special precautions are needed.
No special precautions are needed.

Component Occupational Exposure Limits
Storage:      Avoid store near heat or flame. Do not expose to direct sunlight and keep away from small children and pets.

The EU, ACGIH, German DFG, United Kingdom and Sweden have not developed exposure limits for any of this product’s components.

Engineering Controls: Not required in particular

Eye Protection: None required in normal use.

Skin Protection: None required in normal use.

Respiratory Protection: None required in normal use.

Product is a manufactured article in the form of a tube containing some combination of polymers and Petroleum hydrocarbons.
General:        Good personal hygiene practices should always be followed.


Stability: Stable under normal handling condtions.

Conditions to Avoid: Excess heating.

Material to Avoid: Strong acids and strong oxidizing agents (e.g. nitric acid or perchloric acid).

Hazardous Decomposition Products: Refer to section 5 for Hazardous Combustion Products.

Acute Toxicity Component Analysis
Hazardous Polymerization: Will not occur by itself.

White mineral oils (8042-47-5):          Oral LD50 Rat: >5000 mg/kg

Polyethylene (9002-88-4): Inhalation LC50 Mouse: 12 gm/m3/30M


Component Carcinogenicity Polyethylene (9002-88-4):

IARC Cancer Review – Group 3 (Not classifiable); Supplement 7 (1987), Monograph 19 (1979)


Mutagenicity               No data available for this product.

Teratogenicity             No data available for this product.

BOD5 and COD
: NAEcotoxicity:      NA

Biodegradable:       NA

Mobility:     NA

Do not dump into any sewers, on the ground, or into any body of water. All disposal methods must be in compliance with all applicable federal, state/provincial and local laws and regulations. Regulations may vary in different locations. Waste characterizations and compliance with applicable laws are the responsibility solely of the waste generator.
Toxicity of the Products of Biodegradation: NA


International Transportation Regulations:

US DOT: Not regulated as a hazardous material or dangerous goods for transportation. ICAO/IATA: Not regulated as a hazardous material or dangerous goods for transportation. IMO/IMDG: Not regulated as a hazardous material or dangerous goods for transportation. RID/ADR: Not regulated as a hazardous material or dangerous goods for transportation.

European Union Regulatory Information Label Requirements

R-Phrases/S-phrases: This product is not classified according to the EU regulations.


Additional Regulatory Information: Component Analysis – Inventory

Component CAS # TSCA (US) DSL






Butyl rubber 68441-14-5 Exempt Yes Exempt Yes Yes
Polyisobutylene 9003-27-4 Exempt Yes Exempt Yes Yes
White mineral oils 8042-47-5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Polyethylen 9002-88-4 Exempt Yes Exempt Yes Yes
Oil resin 69430-35-9 Exempt Yes Exempt Yes Yes


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